Ball in your court dating

Does putting the ball in their court work or are they just not interested?

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She may even text you first, and well before two days. But you already know this. But what you may not know is that while the Two Day Rule is mostly a relic of a previous era, the principles behind it remain. As I mentioned before, one principle is avoiding looking needy or desperate, but the act of texting already mitigates a lot of them. And this is the concept I want to talk about today: She puts it in her purse. You talk a little longer, and then you both go home.

You want to see her again. But… how can you reach her? You just have to wait for her to call you.

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Do you know many girls willing to do that? This is why the Two Day Rule was sufficient in the pre-cell phone area.

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There was no question that you controlled initiating contact afterwards. He had plans with a girl, she texts him flaking out. Hopefully you ruled out Response A. Being so available conveys way too much interest, way too soon. You may be tempted to pick Response B. It means "I've made my move; now the next move is yours. It means, pretty much 'your move'.

Idiom: What does "the ball is in your court" mean?

It's a tennis analogy, y'know, someone hits the ball to your side of the court, now you have to hit it back. What does it mean to say 'the ball is in your court'? Guys, why would you be scared of a girl? What are some of the signs a guy is leading you on? Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Does it turn you off if the guy puts the ball in your court? - Community Forums

To me that is a standard negotiation. I'd be more annoyed if the guy went through every day of the week trying to get me to say yes. It applies to most interactions: Originally Posted by d0nnivain. Originally Posted by Male. You would think it would be a "given", yet in my experience, most women assume I'm supposed to keep asking over and over. Occasionally, when a date was set, he would bail, with a reason, but always came up with an alternative. If you're repeatedly not getting courtesy, ask yourself, why.

If it was done just like you say, it wouldn't bother me in the least.

Dating and Communication: Is He Into Me?

As long as the man has asked for a specific date, the woman has said she's busy, then it's time to put the ball in her court because for one thing, she may just be saying she's busy but really just not interested. If she is interested, I don't see why she would hesitate to just contact you and not ask YOU out, but just say, Hey, I have some time the end of this week if you want to get together.

Originally Posted by hudson You make an excellent point, but sadly, in real life, out there in the field with hot girls, this doesn't happen. Because there's 5 more suitors waiting around the corner if the current man who is pursuing shows any signs of apathy whatsoever. Last edited by Male; 8th July at 9: Originally Posted by spiderowl. Yes, it would completely put me off.

If I can't make it one time, then I'd rather he suggested another time that could be worked out with me rather than imposed.

If he just says contact me, then I wouldn't. I want to feel wanted and his attitude says he will only do the minimum.

Last edited by Male; 9th July at 7: I'm not saying you arent, but how does a guy know you are either way? It's not particularly rational: I know that we live in liberated times and there are no 'rules' now, but I also know that in nature generally the male takes the initiative and tries several times before he gives up. Not that I'd expect someone to keep on trying in the face of constant rejection - that would not be sensible - but I like to feel he is at least a bit resilient.

It's a primitive instinct. I'm physically weaker than a male so I would rather be with one capable of protecting me, even if it's never needed. Someone easily scared off is not demonstrating that stronger presence. As for the special bit, I don't know.

What does it mean to say 'the ball is in your court'?

He could give the woman the benefit of the doubt if she can't make a meeting once. Twice is very doubtful, could be bad luck. Three times and he really should give up. Actually, some men like the challenge and work even harder if they are put off. I'm not suggesting anyone should do that but a male should be aware perhaps that other males will do this and that women can get a bit blase about putting men off, knowing that many will still make another attempt.

It's a huge grey area when it comes to how much effort should a man put into pursuing vs too much effort and wasting his time on a woman that is wishy-washy.

ball in your court dating Ball in your court dating
ball in your court dating Ball in your court dating
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ball in your court dating Ball in your court dating

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