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Something's eating Xander's head. All day, every day.

Alyson Hannigan: Willow Rosenberg

That's gotta be like being showered with evil. Not really a shower. Like a bidet of evil. Guys, guess what happened.

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Buffy got a date! Way to steal my thunder.

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

If it makes you feel better, it's Principal Wood, and I think he's aligned with the First. Also like ten years older than you, right? Which is like years younger than your type! Someone who doesn't remember the industrial revolution. Why do you think he asked me out?

I mean, he could be interested, right?

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  • You're a frisky vixen. Or, or it could be work-related. Maybe I'm getting promoted for doing such a good job.

    Bonding on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Who Fell in Love, Who Feuded and Who Became BFFs | E! News

    Oh, right, that, that makes sense too. Or maybe he knows that I suspect he's up to something, and he's taking me out to kill me. Even worse, he is present in the funeral home when Borba rises as a vampire. In the fight, Owen is knocked unconscious.

    Buffy kills Borba by sliding him into the lit furnace. The next morning, Owen is excited about what they have been through and wants more—this is what he likes about Buffy, he says, and almost being killed made him feel alive. She realizes that there is no way that she can have a relationship with him; sooner or later, he will get himself killed.

    Giles tries to comfort her by telling her what a burden it was for him as a ten-year-old to find out his destiny was to be a watcher when he would rather have been a fighter pilot—or possibly a grocer.

    Both agree that at least the Master will be unhappy, too, because the Anointed One was destroyed. But in his underground lair, the Master is overjoyed as he welcomes the real Anointed One—not Borba after all, but a young boy who was on the bus with him.

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    The episode contributes to the season's plot by introducing The Anointed One. The Master says, "Here endeth the lesson". This phrase was in common usage in churches to finish a reading, up until the s. Soylent Green is mentioned; it is a foodstuff from the science fiction movie of the same name , which the protagonist of the movie discovers is made from people. The movie is loosely based on a novel, Make Room! It earned a Nielsen rating of 2.

    It was the th most watched show out of all primetime shows of its time; fifth out of the eleven shows from The WB. Noel Murray of The A. Club liked that the episode explored a new side of Buffy, but felt that the four previous episodes had not set up Buffy as a "person with normal teenage tastes and desires".

    He still found "a lot to like" in the episode. Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered 20 years ago today at the dawn of the information age when humanity was grappling with a very big question — can nerds ever be cool? Sarah Michelle Gellar and and her crew did their best to convince us.

    The conventionally hot outcasts who wouldn't take any bullshit from demons spent most of their time hanging out in the library with teachers researching ancient monsters. Shockingly, the gang's not very lucky in love — it is not chill to ask out a high schooler when you're a vampire who has been alive for centuries You, Jane," the show gets to the root of a great modern evil — the endless stream of creeps you encounter while trying to find love online.

    The episode originally aired April 21,, and to this day, it is still the most powerful art created about Tinder. Here's why the theory that Taylor Swift is a satanist clone absolutely checks out. Jenny Calendar, the impossibly cool technopagan computer science teacher, makes her debut. She's enlisted the students to help scan a bunch of books from the library to make digital copies.

    Having a searchable database of knowledge is pretty cool. Later on, she totally drags the librarian, Giles, "You think knowledge should be held in these carefully guarded repositories where only a handful of white guys can get at it! Unfortunately, one of them is cursed and dear, sweet Willow ends up a dating a literal monster who she thinks is just a high school student named Malcolm.

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