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Upon depositing the completed survey in the box, students received a piece of candy as an incentive for taking the survey. The study received institutional review board approval from Touro University California. As the survey was primarily descriptive in nature, means and standard deviations were reported for continuous data as a measure of central tendency while frequencies were reported for categorical data. Logistic regression analysis was used to identify risk factors for cheating in pharmacy school.

A p value of less than 0.

Out of a possible students among the four schools, students were in attendance and responded to the survey. The exclusion of these subjects did not alter the significance of any of the survey questions. These exclusions resulted in a final analytic cohort of students who completed the survey, resulting in a response rate of The demographics of the second-year pharmacy students from the schools are summarized in Table 1. The majority of the pharmacy students surveyed were years old When asked if they had ever cheated in pharmacy school, More than half of the pharmacy students Table 3 provides a breakdown of admitted pharmacy school cheating by each program.

No significant differences were noted in admitted cheating between private and public pharmacy schools. Table 4 describes specific examples of academic dishonesty. The most common forms of academic dishonesty pharmacy students admitted to included: A much smaller percentage of students reported cheating during an examination: Highly rated motivations for cheating included fear of failure [score of 4.

Students who admitted to cheating in pharmacy school were more than three times as likely to use prescription stimulants without a prescription than students who did not admit to cheating A higher percentage of younger students years old admitted to cheating Potential risk factors for cheating in pharmacy school are summarized in Table 6. Cheating in undergraduate studies OR Similarly, cheating in high school OR The current study is the second to demonstrate that academic dishonesty occurs among PharmD students in the United States.

The most common motivations for cheating in pharmacy school included fear of failure, studying procrastination, and stress. A history of cheating in undergraduate studies was the only predictor for cheating in pharmacy school.

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Rates of admitted cheating in pharmacy school in the current study were similar to rates described by Rabi and colleagues of four Midwest or Eastern US pharmacy schools Peer pressure or feeling loyalty to peers may be reasons for such peer-based academic dishonesty. Similar to the study by Rabi and colleagues, cheating on didactic examinations was less commonly reported and may be a result of the belief that students would eventually need to know the material ie, when they take licensure examinations and that cheating may only hurt that individual in the long-run.

Health care professions students who cheat in the classroom are more likely to cheat in actual patient care activities ie, falsify patient information or report findings as normal despite not performing the procedure , which may carry on throughout the professional career. The primary motivating factors for cheating were fear of failure, studying procrastination, and higher stress levels.

Fear of failure was also the most common motivating factor for cheating among medical students. Similar to Rabi and colleagues, 2 the current study found the only predictor of cheating in pharmacy school was cheating in undergraduate studies.

The Subconscious of a Stressed Med Student

Unlike studies by Aggarwal and colleagues and Henning and colleagues, the male gender was not a predictor of reported cheating in the current study. Cheating behaviors that occur earlier in life seem to carry on for many individuals through subsequent phases of education. Callender and colleagues showed that kindergarteners who took part in severe cheating or covert rule violations were more likely to have behavioral problems during later childhood.

Academic institutions have implemented various methods to decrease academic dishonesty and promote ethical behavior. To deter plagiarism, some institutions mandate completion of academic integrity training and utilize Internet-based plagiarism-prevention services eg, www. There is a large, and growing, body of literature regarding best assessment practices and their success requires a multifaceted approach.

There are several limitations to this study. First, all four colleges of pharmacy were located in Northern California and no other regions in the United States were included in the analysis. Second, only second-year pharmacy students were surveyed, and patterns of academic dishonesty could only be detailed in the didactic setting, not a clinical setting. Third, surveys by nature result in a recall bias as subjects are required to recall past experiences.

Fourth, because of the sensitive nature of academic dishonesty and potential fear of repercussions, the percentage of students admitting to cheating may be lower than the actual number, and cheating students may have omitted answering particular questions. One in 10 students in the current sample of pharmacy schools admitted to cheating in pharmacy school.


Peer-based forms of academic dishonesty were more common than examination cheating. Primary motivations included fear of failure, procrastination, and stress. Of the included variables, the sole predictor of cheating in pharmacy school was a history of cheating in undergraduate studies. The information presented in this study may help pharmacy programs better understand their student population, which may lead to a reassessment of ethical culture, testing procedures, and prevention programs. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Am J Pharm Educ. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Aug 4; Accepted Oct 7. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Demographics of Pharmacy Students. Open in a separate window. Cheating History and Awareness.

Admitted Cheating by Each Pharmacy School. Specific Examples of Academic Dishonesty. Motivations for Cheating Among Pharmacy Students.


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Motivations and Predictors of Cheating in Pharmacy School

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Motivations and Predictors of Cheating in Pharmacy School

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