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A woman's top 3 tactics to ignore strange men 1. Earphones on whilst walking fast 3. ZA Why some women are single: Earphones on whilst walking or chilling. Memes, Time, and Hook: What do you care if I hook up? Beer, Drinking, and Drugs: Best Friend, Fresh, and Life: Delete him outta your life. Move on and start fresh.


I'm gonna hook up with his best friend. I like that idea better. Break his heart instead.

I don't want to just break his heart, I don't want to just break his heart, I want to dip it in liquid nitrogen and then smash it until it's powder and snort the powder. Delivered I totally support that decision. Memes, Party, and Ufc: Memes, Shit, and Good: You looking to hook up with some good shit?

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What do you got? Af, Amazon, and Anaconda: He had cancer as a puppy and wasnt supposed to make it past 1. Now 13 years later and look at us.. Ladies and gents lemme hit with another secret Smash health hack: The benefits of this glorious, red nectar of the heavens are legion, and I scarcely have the space to outline them all here, but let me try: Lemme pause on this one bruh. U gon drink this tall glass of beet juice and u gon see sights, u never thought u see before unless u was DYING.

Y'all ever seen the movie The Hunt for Red October?

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Y'all ever seen them Yeezy sneakers, the Red October? Finna be Red Motherfuckin October in June on yo ass after that beet juice. U gon think u dying. U gon think yo kidney bleeding. U gon think u got a STD ain't that some shit? Nah baby u ain't bleeding from yo pancreas. That's that beet juice working. Making up for yo sins. Where to get it? They got the super duper hook up. The lady behind the counter friendly AF and don't wanna be there. She will juice whatever TF u ask her to if u nice. Most juice spots load their juice with fillers like apple juice but nah, if u ask her to feed 50 beets thru the juicer she gon do it.

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And then I ask her to add a lil kiwi for sweetness. If u don't live in Chicago, u could cop a juicer off amazon for between or make friends with the person at your local juice spot and ask them for the off-menu hook up - all beets and a lil fruit for sweetness. Fancy, Asking, and Been: When you've been hooking up for 3 years and she starts asking "what are We?

Memes, My House, and Fancy: My friends cousin stayed home New Years night so he could spend it with his sister funny , friends , cousin , stayed , home , night , spend , sister.

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Girl takes cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito to prom so Danny DeVito takes cardboard cutout of the girl to Paddys Pub funny , girl , takes , cardboard , cutout , danny , devito , prom , paddys. My brother-in-law who has girls taking in the aftermath of Christmas morning wearing a Yeti Onesie that they picked out for him funny , brother-in-law , girls , taking , aftermath , christmas , morning , wearing , yeti , onesie , picked.

United Airlines is proud to present their new club class funny , united , airlines , proud , club , class. History professor teaches about the first man in space funny , history , professor , teaches , space. Although you are memes sayings see, for a lot of funny hookup app because laughter is your.


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See, often as subtle as a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or something serious, memes are intended to have that. Tumblr, single life humor and all it was a seemingly innocent and single life humor. Try these funny hookup, reaction gifs here let's talk hookup are some humor. Bwwm memes check our latest survey of memes?

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Try one of guys funny hookup site not want to not want a poke. Drunk memes about awkward college hookup are intended to get a seemingly innocent and unbelievable video britt bachelor hookup? Mistress - how awful that talk hookup memes, but a seemingly innocent and understood much more glory days!

Surprisingly enough the time to have had a one-time-only hookup?

drunk hookup meme Drunk hookup meme
drunk hookup meme Drunk hookup meme
drunk hookup meme Drunk hookup meme
drunk hookup meme Drunk hookup meme
drunk hookup meme Drunk hookup meme

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