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Betting On Friends Goes Too Far

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making a bet or wager with date : seduction

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A writer since , Brooke Turner has been published in the "Duluth News Tribune" and "Ashland Daily Press," as well as various advertising publications. Turner also maintains two blogs: Happy couple outdoors during the Autumn.

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Meet Singles in your Area! Foot Massage The winner of the couples bet should receive a romantic foot massage from their partner. Candle-light Dinner Cook a romantic candle-light dinner for the winning partner. Restaurant Choices Allow the winner of the bet to choose their favorite restaurant to dine at for the evening.

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Well-Planned Date The loser of the bet should plan an exciting and romantic date for their partner. Dancing and Drinks Take the winner dancing. The loser of the wager must pay for all drinks the winner orders. Romantic Picnic Everyone loves a picnic!

friendly dating wagers Friendly dating wagers
friendly dating wagers Friendly dating wagers
friendly dating wagers Friendly dating wagers
friendly dating wagers Friendly dating wagers
friendly dating wagers Friendly dating wagers
friendly dating wagers Friendly dating wagers
friendly dating wagers Friendly dating wagers
friendly dating wagers Friendly dating wagers

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