Hardline matchmaking failed

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Forums Discussion Video Games. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 12 of 21 Go to page. Oct 29, 4, Matchmaking completely broken or what? Can't find a match now, been trying for 20 minutes, just get "matchmaking failed" when it hits 3: Oct 25, 8, Hot take but man I can't wait to see the different archetypes, the scout that goes behind enemy lines with the garrote sounds far cooler than the snipers.

Oct 25, Portugal. Last two games of the day Having a lot of fucking fun, the more I play the more I like the gunplay, it's much better than BF1. This ticket system is so far superior to the BF1 one, it's not even fair.

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Had a cool squad reviving, resupplying, and mostly pushing the flag I marked as the SL together. Using that V1-Rocket before pushing a flag is amazing, so goddamn satisfying. Oct 25, 18, Watched a video, and holy fuck it looks so good. I'm shite at getting kills but I usually finish within the top 4 just by doing objectives and helping team mates. Hyped as hell, and also interested to see how they do Battle Royale.


Oct 27, Oct 27, USA. Oct 27, 1, Oct 27, 3, For those playing, how does this game compare to recent Battlefield games? Is it more like BF1 or more like BF4? I don't know what it was about BF1, but that game just didn't click with me. Oct 25, 2, I don't give a shit about any of the other stuff but that would be kinda weird given.. May 9, 4, Oct 25, 5, Oct 29, 1, The actual character models are based off of archetypes so I doubt you'll ever see one. So what is that rocket?

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I saw it get 12 kills. Is it a kill streak? How is it activated? I really like the low ammo in this game and feel it ought to make the games more tactical, which is something Im really hoping for. I also really hope Support class is played more as it constantly feels like the least chosen class. I also have to ask if games are dominated by camping snipers. Nothing infuriated me more in BF1 than snipers sniping each other, while Im the only one throwing smoke and trying to take flags in frontlines The building mechanics are largely ignored, correct?

Maybe the map just isn't good enough to show off its features. Chumley Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member. Oct 26, 4, Nov 5, He can spend these points on certain call ins, like the V1 rocket, plane bomb, a heavy tank, and other things in the full game. Oct 25, 5, FIN.

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Anything that actively encourages teamwork is a plus in my book. Nov 2, 2, Jun 10, Oct 30, Please note that for now the actual squad points prices are very placeholder-ish, and we'll be making adjustments as we get closer to release and during post-launch as well as building up on this system further. Now in the CA, in the last 5 or so minutes of Conquest you may see quite a few rockets dropping down due to most squads saving up for one throughout the whole round.

How final is balancing for MMG's? Personally as fan of belt feds like MG34 over box feds like BAR I'm not really feeling it how they are currently balanced. Is goal here to push belt feds more to short burst, long distance and harass role instead of pushing with your squad, as how they currently play seem to make them pretty useless if you are pushing into enemy with your squad as you really can't use it properly in quick offense? Also takes bite away from tank pushes when tank MMG's basically stall after that ish rounds fired so you can't maintain suppressive fire against known infantry locations.

Balance-wise we're far from done. We want there to be differences not just between the classes, but within the classes too. Keep sticking up for these losers.

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Post proof of that if yall want to keep saying that. Tried server browser, still couldn't join.

Hardline also wasn't very popular compared to mainline series entries. The one server that is full has 88 people in the queue. I can't join any server with a five bar connection except this one that everyone else is apparently trying to join too. Now EA servers are down. Hjonez Do you fear death? Launch was flawless so was the beta. Even swb had an epic launch and beta lmfao! No excuses this game isnt looking very good.

Once they see how much money they lost this year hopefully that will make them get a real game together not a skin of a different game lol. EA servers go down like 3 days a week, whoever runs them should be fired. They are perhaps the most unreliable servers ive ever seen PSN Name: More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device.

Forgot your username or password? Empress Empress 2 years ago 11 Why would I buy this game when they can't even keep the beta servers online?

Re: Matchmaking failed

TheSauce TheSauce 2 years ago 12 Empress posted Skill4Reel Skill4Reel 2 years ago 17 Lol. JDawg JDawg 2 years ago 20 EA servers go down like 3 days a week, whoever runs them should be fired. I need your support [Server renting]. I just experienced a weird glitch yesterday.

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