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Kaypsmith, Thanks for the feedback. I have a cable hookup in the coach. The product I am trying to hookup is a Dish Tailgater with a Wally receiver. I hook the Tailgater into the coach and the Reciever to the tv. Something is preventing setup from finishing. Cable comes in fine, but satellite will not connect.

I have contacted a technician to come to my coach for help with this issue. I have hooked this system up every way possible with no luck. Thanks again for your assistance. I will let you know what the issue was. Have you contacted Dish to activate your receiver? I have the Tailgater if I don't use at least once every few weeks I have to contact them to reactivate the receiver.

I have simple splitter that is connected to the end of the input cable. The motorhome also has a era Winegard "bat wing" antenna which does an OK job of acquiring over-the-air TV broadcast signals.

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Yes my cable wiring system is original to the motorhome and nearly ten years old but works well providing satellite, cable and over-air antenna television. Hope this info helps!

You should not be able to use the cable input connection if it goes to the wall plate I mentioned and you confirmed. When the coax connection goes to a "box of many buttons" BOMB then things are dramatically different. Let me know if that's the case and I can give you some wiring information. Thanks for all your feedback. My wiring had to be reconfigured and my satellite antenna switched from Direct to Dish. Mama is a Happy Camper again.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. There is a white shroud held in place by several screws that you can remove to get access to the back side of the convenience center. You will see lots of wiring in there, and a hole that goes through to the basement, behind the convenience center. Looking into the access panel at the bottom of the cabinet there is a hole in the wall, you should be able to reach your fingers in and grab the cable you fed down thru the wall.

I used a wire fish to push it thru far enough so I could grab it from the other end. If you don't have any wire fish equipment, a stick and some tape will work fine. You can now connect your portable dish to the "satellite prep" in the convenience center, and connect the receiver in the living room to the satellite prep connection behind the living room tv.

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We don't have a tv in the bedroom yet, but when we do, my plan is to run a long HDMI cable thru the walls from the hole behind living room tv, to the wall where the bedroom tv is supposed to be mounted, so the bedroom tv will have a full HDMI connection directly to the receiver. This will be a little trickier, figuring out how to fish the wire through. If that proves too difficult, an easier solution would be to run another coax cable between the living room tv area and the convenience center would need to add a new wall plate , and use this as a "return" to connect the satellite receiver's coax OUTPUT to the "cable tv" input in the convenience center.

I will try to add some pics later. In living room the hole was drilled by slide behind entertainment center. In bedroom it was run into bathroom wall then up to box near tv location where I added a shelf for receiver When I get to campsite, my two cables are run from King Tailgater 2 with Main to Living Room.

Ideally , when I get back from bedroom connection living room has found signal. Luckily, my brother in law is a cable installer. The first thing he did when we connected a Comcast cable box was rip out the satelite signal booster built into the backside of the Hideout's entertainment center's coax wall plate. Apparently those wreck merry havoc with the cable signal.

Then he used a line tester to see which line carried the cable signal. He has a dim view of splitters, so we taped off the outdoor TV mount wire and stuffed it back into the console. It can be reattached at a later date, should we decide to ever watch TV outside. This let us bypass the coax line through the window option that some people have done.

I had all kinds of problems with my reception…intermittent signal loss, pixelizing, skipping, one tuner always showed low signal strength, etc. They do use splitters in the line that are not DC pass-through, which is required on most Directv installations and to my understanding required on all Dish installations.

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  7. The splitter in my trailer was the wrong splitter for satellite clearly marked 1GHz and satellite is at My trailer has the power booster in the bedroom and that was where the splitter was located fortunately. It was tucked up out of the way but I could feel it by following the cable from the wall plate up.

    It was a pain to get out without tearing up the ceiling. Now for the lengthy explanation in hopes it helps someone else. This was driving me nuts. I first replaced my SWM splitter, then decided there is a problem with the cabling. I tried to ohm out the connections from the sat prep in the service bay to the bedroom and livingroom. They showed no connectivity.

    18. How to hook up cable/satellite to your RV

    OK there must be a splitter inline. When I opened up the wall plates in both locations I got lucky and found the splitter in the bedroom.

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    It was a 1 input to 4 output splitter. Here is where they show their stupidity. After ohming the connections I figured out the sat prep from the service bay 2 cables run to the bedroom and are hooked up to output 1 and 2 of the splitter, The Sat connection in the living room is connected to output 3, and the Sat connection for the bedroom is connected to the input. I put a through connector F female to F female from one sat prep cable to the sat connection for the living room and the other sat prep cable directly to the connector on the wall plate for the bedroom.

    The stupid thing is a through connector is cheaper than a splitter and they used a short RG6 cable from the splitter to the wall plate in the bedroom that was unnecessary. If they are doing this to save money or time it does neither. Removing the useless piece of junk resolved my issues. Hope this helps someone. We tried and tried to get the satellite hook ups to work for the dishnetwork wally and tailgater we had. A couple of times I had to resort to running the cable in through the outside door and closing it. I eventually had some time, so I fed the cable behind the entertainment system, on out Laredo , and found it just behind the outside kitchen walls, near a place the factory cut.

    I fed the cable through there and drilled a hole just next to where the factory had ran other lines. I did try first to get it through the same hole for the other lines, but no luck. The cable runs outside to the back and I attach it to the tailgater there.

    Satellite Hookup Help - Keystone RV Forums

    For storage while traveling, I drilled a small hole in the bumper covers and inserted the remaining cable into there. It travels snug and nicely, now we have satellite in the fifth wheel. New Member Check in! Taking delivery on Monday any New Bullet Owner from WA. Tires for a Fifth wheel. Shore power not enough? All times are GMT

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