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Remember how in school, you always went to the toilet with at least one girlfriend? At the club, this rule is more important than ever. Aside from making sure your lipstick is on point, your gal pal can hold your hair back or pass you tissues if you need to throw up in the toilet. The downside of clubbing in a big group: The upside of clubbing in a big group: Alternatively, dance on the podium. Leave and never come back. Ultimately, you need to make the move to walk away from the source of unwanted attention.

At clubs, there are good-looking guys aplenty and sometimes, a handsome stranger might ask you to go somewhere to talk, makeout or dance for a bit. If you decide you wanna get with a random dude, always tell your friends. Making sure your friends know where to look for you means they can keep an eye on you and bail you out if he gets too gropey- or starts becoming violent. Drinks can be spiked with drugs and even cigarette ash. Personally, I prefer to hold onto my glass, or down my drink in one gulp.

Sometimes, it can get real crowded in clubs. Other busy nightlife locations: A famous mall with several Thai discos and massage parlors.

5 Best Night Clubs In Singapore For a Wild Night Out

If you plan on leaving Singapore by bus to Malaysia or Thailand, you'll probably depart from here. Hotels Near Golden Mile. Maybe 10 bars and clubs that target local customers. Best Nightclubs in Singapore. The following places are listed in no particular order.

I linked to the Facebook page of each venue so you can verify the latest information about prices, opening hours and general policy. If you see a page has not been updated for a couple of months, you should assume that it has closed down. The most famous nightclub in Singapore and in Asia probably. International guest DJs come weekly, and you can expect a full crowd on most nights. Clients are a mix of something expats, tourists and Singaporeans. You can avoid the entry fee by booking a table in advance.

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Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Zouk will move to a new 30, square feet location in the Cannery on Clarke Quay at the end of There is also a Zouk in KL. Kyo A nightclub with an underground, yet exclusive feel. It is located inside what used to be a bank vault and designed with a Japanese themed.

Very popular with younger foreigner, particularly international students though minimum age is 21 for girls and 23 for guys. The music is deep house, electro, tech-house and some minimal. Nicknamed "sluttica", this nightclub on Clarke Quay is where most expats and tourists go if they are hoping to score a one-night-stand in Singapore. It has been renovated recently and its trashy side has lessened.

It seems they are no longer accepting too many "unattached" single ladies. Open from Wednesday to Saturday. Ladies night on Wednesday and Thursday. If you are not on any guest list or not planning to open a bottle, expect to queue and to be treated as a second-rank guest. There are a lot of girls, some of whom are semi-professional. Lots of expats in their late 20s as well. Shirts for guys and high heels for girls. Open Wednesday until 5am and on weekends until 6am. Avoid if you are alone and poor.

Clubbing in Singapore : Expectation vs. Reality

Rn'B or house depending on the night. The music is commercial hip hop, dance and Top It is a bit more quiet but you also have live music and DJs on weekends. Just 2 floors below, Altimate is an indoor nightclub with a pax capacity. The music is commercial: EDM, clubbing anthems, Top The crowd is mostly local. Not far from Altimate, Canvas is considered the "alternative" nightclub of Singapore. It is an art space during the day and a relatively busy nightclub at night. Most customers are regulars. It seems popular with the LGBT crowd as well.

The music is non-commercial and eclectic. They often have guest DJ playing just about every genre techno, house, electro, minimal, drum and bass, dubstep, etc. They also have live bands and comedy shows. My advice is to check what is the program before visiting to avoid bad surprises. Ladies night on Thursday with free flow vodka from 10pm to 1am. The first Fashion-TV-branded nightclub, it has two rooms: Girls get a record of 12 free drinks on ladies night.

Same group as Bang Bang. Mostly for Singaporeans who prefer clubbing within their own. Open only on Friday and Saturday. Avoid if you are alone. The DJs play mostly clubbing anthems. Next to it, Penthouse is a more private club. Headquarters by the Council. An underground nightclub, Berlin-style, featuring techno and minimal DJs. Very small but great vibe if you are into that kind of stuff.

This Singaporean Guy In NUS Shares His Hookup Secrets

European crowd and particularly French. It is already quite popular, especially after it received the patronage of Selena Gomez. Their ladies night on Wednesday is very generous with free champagne, gifts and male gogo dancers.

They currently have two ladies night, one of which on Saturday. Special discounts for flight attendants. Same management as Bang Bang and Suite 26, in partnership with the Neverland group, which is behind several Asian-style clubs in Malaysia and Singapore.

The Truth About Partying In Singapore: We Stop At 25 Years Old

Sexy dancers and shows. They are open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday with different events every night. They often welcome foreign DJs and bands, particularly Japanese ones. Do check their Facebook before heading there as they don't have a regular schedule.


Open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Hip Hop Nightclubs in Singapore. Its DJs includes some of the most famous acts in the city, playing trap, Rn'B, old school and funk. They also welcome international acts. It is has a cool, flashy, retro design, that seems popular among girls. There used to be a hip hop nightclub called Refuge, opened by the same group behind Kyo, but it closed in June Some of the biggest Singapore nightclubs have dedicated hip hop rooms: Attica, Zouk, F Club and Baliza.

After-Hour Clubbing in Singapore. Needless to say, it was awkward between him and I.

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  7. Then I saw this really tall, good-looking guy checking me out and we struck up a conversation. One thing led to another and we went back to my place. The next morning, I realized he looked pretty familiar and so I checked him up on Facebook and saw we had mutual friends. On my last night of work, I decided to bite the bullet and boldly asked him if he would like to ahem check out the sound system upstairs.

    When we got there, we started making out.

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